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AMIX is a modern, actively working and constantly developing company which knows its Clients ' needs and willingly meet them. We're proud to recognize that we are able to meet the expectations of even the most demanding. Our offered furniture accessories allow you to optimally use space and minimize action.

Since 1997, we supply modern furniture accessories
The main branch of our activity are high-end accessories for kitchen, bathroom and dressing room. The range is more than six thousand products ranging from hinges and rails with knobs and handles, and finishing elements, so that you can modern and ergonomic way to kill all kinds of lockers, drawers or wardrobe. In addition to the components that will be useful each furniture manufacturer, we have developed our own system to install drawers under the name of System Box.

Modern accessories
a wide range of furniture hinges
Matching matched hinges on kitchen furniture guarantee is actually a junction of the door and constantly maintaining them accordingly wyregulowanej position. High quality loops affect the appearance and quality of operation of the entire kitchen and any other room equipped with lockers. The proposal AMIX available loop: hydraulic, standard, clip-on, mini-fi 26 and the aluminum framework of the established standard, or through an appeal to the rail bracket with hinge, because of this, the dismantling and the façade is much easier than in loops of type "standard".

a System of shelves and hangers – Exclusive
New line Exclusive from the company Amix contains a number functional elements, equipped with a guide system domyku quiet and full extension, which allows rapid and complete understanding of all of their content. Fourteen products in elegant pearl-white colors, with elements of glass, chrome-plated steel or synthetic rattan. A closet or wardrobe is enriched by the above accessories will allow us to give up other pieces of furniture for storing clothes as, for example, chests of drawers, Shoe Cabinet or other furniture too involved in space.

Functional led with a long service life
led Lighting suitable both classic and modern interiors the interiors of apartments, shops or public facilities. Lamps and LED lamps are characterized by high aesthetic and very good quality materials of which they were made. Their advantage is energy efficiency (energy efficient with high light settings), as well as the possibility of dynamic control. They are distinguished by high intensity and light efficiency, long lifespan up to 50,000 hours and an easy mounting method.

Functional led with long life
a Wide range of aluminum profiles
System for sliding doors is the versatility combined with excellent ergonomics. They also feature easy installation, quality materials and perfect execution. The rich color palette allows you to configure for each interior. To meet the growing interest of the audience, the range of profiles and rails have been expanded-new colors gloss: aluminum, chrome, white, black, cognac, walnut, champagne, gold, graphite, silver and Golden oak.

a Wide selection of aluminum profiles, rails, paths, upper and lower extremities
Modern accessories

the Amix is a qualified personnel, around 10,000 m2 of warehouse space, office space, and a modern showroom. The company's range-a wide range of furniture accessories more than 6000 items.

Our brands AMIX, AGV, SGV is recognized and valued. A wide range of sales makes that we are an attractive trade partner.

Customers thanks for making the history of our company, for your presence and cooperation. The range is divided into sections corresponding to the categories of goods. Please select the Department to move to the respective category of of our store and see the full range of:

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